It's OK To Change Your Mind

We live in this world of black and white thinking. Left or right, good or bad, right or wrong. No grays allowed. Living in this world can cause a lot of anxiety when it comes to making decisions about things like career, relationships, and artwork. Because in this world, one decision is right and the other is wrong. So, when you make a decision you'd better commit to it! Otherwise someone might say you were wrong. You might have to say you were wrong.

But how is a decision wrong? How do you measure that?

By success or failure? Ask someone, "How do you measure success?" You'll probably get varying answers. They'll differ even more when it comes to relationships. And even more so when it comes to creative work. To some, success is simply completing a song. To others, it's releasing an album that goes double platinum. So how can we measure whether a decision is right or wrong?

What if you held the decision a little more lightly? "This is what I believe, as far as I know, to be the best thing for me right now." No relationship is fool-proof. You will never achieve creative perfection. So when you decide, it doesn't have to be set in stone. You may find at some point that the decision you made didn't turn out like you thought it would or simply no longer suits you.

Maybe you want to ditch oil painting and start making felt anime characters. Maybe you want to quit your punk band and join a barber shop quartet. Go for it! (Or even, GASP, do BOTH!)

Sure, some things are easier to change than others. Getting a different sandwich is easier than getting a divorce. One requires much more careful consideration than the other. But both are equally valid things to change your mind about.

You are not defined by your relationship, your job,
the people you know, or even your art.

You are you and you have the choice and the power to decide what's best for you. And then, you can change your mind.

Considering going back on a decision? Ever change your mind for the better? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the discussion below. <3