Actually, it's not the future. It's the present. And with the change of the year we often look back into the past. I find it's helpful to look at things from a strengths-based perspective. See if these questions help you figure out where you'd like to go:

What worked for you this year?

Think about what went right for you. No matter how small, it's helpful to look back and see your progress.

What do you want to keep doing?

Even if something went well, you don't necessarily have to keep doing it. Dig deep and look at what you really want to continue.

What would you like to change moving forward? 

Try to think of this part in "positive" language. For example, instead of saying you'd like to "be less lazy", say you'd like to "paint 3 days a week". Make the change actionable and specific. (Pssst, my DIY coaching course can help with this one!)

How would you like to feel? 

Sometimes it's helpful to look at feelings first, then set goals based upon them because really, goals are about feeling a certain way, not just achieving a thing. Danielle Laporte has an awesome process called The Desire Map for figuring out your "Core Desired Feelings" for the year. I've used the Desire Map book, and her planner (coming soon) so much that I've now happily signed up as an affiliate for her products!

Whether you set new year's resolutions/goals/intentions or not, it's almost always helpful to be aware of where you've come from and where you'd like to go.