Why artists?


Sometimes people ask me, "Why do you work with creative people?"

Because I am one.

Because I have experienced the devaluing of artistic expression firsthand. The peer judgments on cool/uncool, the worry from parents ("How will you make money?"), and the confusion and belittlement from a partner who just didn't get why I wanted to keep making art.  I have experienced how this can all be so internalized that it becomes very difficult to express oneself fully. I work on this every day in my own life. Those feelings of not being good enough artistically or socially; of wondering where I fit into all of it; the rollercoaster of the creative mind - they didn't suddenly all go away when I became a helper. I chose artists because I know the struggles of being one, yesterday and today.

I'm very concerned with the labeling creative people as crazy, devaluing our contributions. With the overmedication of our society. With the pressure to conform - especially with children- creativity and energy have become "behavior problems". While we think our communities are getting more diverse, it seems to me we're trying to force our children into tighter and tighter boxes.

I work with artists because I love them. Their unique perspectives, their optimism - it is so refreshing and almost always astounding. I help them craft their visions, hone their focus, and bring clarity to their work, relationships, and lives. I love helping people be who they are and do what they want to do.

So, who are you and what do you want to do?