You've taken a really brave step.

The idea of entering counseling or therapy, even if you’ve done it before, can be nerve-wracking. 
You’re so strong to reach out for help. If you’ve made it here, you’ve likely done tons of thinking, talking, and worrying. You’ve probably also done quite a bit of research, looking for someone who understands you.

A different kind of therapy

Many therapists work through the medical model: you come in, they give you an assessment and a diagnosis, they set specifically measurable goals, and you are then provided with an education on how to achieve those goals. The therapist is the expert and you are the patient with an individual problem and a plan to “cope” with “your problem”. This type of model assumes that all problems are individual, medical, and permanent.

There’s another school of thought that puts the expertise in the hands of the client, because honestly, who knows your life better than you? When you come into my office, I ask you why you’ve come to therapy, what you want to work on, and what your end goals are. Then, I listen to your story – where you came from and what you’re going through. I ask questions that help me learn about your struggles and your strengths. Together, we define the problem in whatever way works best, but I will not label you as the problem. There is context to everything. We are shaped by our relationships – with our families and friends, co-workers, employers, schools, culture, religion, gender roles, sexual orientation, race, and society at large. The connections in our brains are created by these relationships. There’s nothing wrong with you – you’ve just learned to survive the best way you know how! We work together to rewrite your story, finding new ways of being for you so that you can have a better sense of well-being on YOUR terms. Because seriously, there is no single definition of “normal” or “healthy”. This is about finding what works for YOU.

Therapy occurs in my office or via a secure teletherapy system. Teletherapy can be done via video or audio only - your choice.

You must be located in the state of Maryland to obtain therapy, whether it is in person or not. 

counseling specialties



When you're stuck in a codependent, people-pleasing cycle it often takes a long time to realize it. All you know is you say yes when you want to say no because you’re afraid your friend or partner will get mad at you. You give up your own activities, opinions, and dreams to help out or to make someone else happy. Sometimes you don’t even know what your feelings are. What you do know is that you’re intensely worried about your partner's problems and you feel terrible when you can’t help them, maybe even angry if they won’t let you help. You say no when someone asks if you're upset, but you have a terrible pit in your stomach constantly. You might have headaches, digestive issues, physical pain, or constant fatigue. You become stifled and controlled. People might say you're cold when you thought you were a warm and giving person!

You may have a partner or parent that suffers from addiction. You might stay up late or sacrifice your own plans just to make sure your partner doesn’t use or drink too much. You may have cleaned up your parent’s physical and emotional messes when you were little. Or maybe you weren’t exposed to an addict, but were with someone who tried to make you believe your feelings and thoughts weren’t valid or worthy. Maybe you were controlled and emotionally abused by someone close to you.

I’m here to say, there’s nothing wrong with you. You have a big heart and that’s a good thing. But maybe you’re hurting. Maybe your relationship is hurting. Maybe you’re ready to say no to the things you don’t want and start saying yes to yourself. When you learn to detach yourself from the thoughts and feelings of others, you begin to fully understand and respect your own. That’s what we can do together in therapy.

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Couples therapy


You were once so in love, so connected, but now you're always upset, constantly arguing with each other, or barely talking at all. What happened? You've been through many different life changes together. You've grown as individuals, but it feels like it's taking a while for your relationship to catch up. Maybe it feels like you're growing apart. 

Couples counseling can help you communicate freely with each other again. Together, you and your partner can mend your relationship and feel safe, secure, desired, and loved.

I am happy to work with married, unmarried, heterosexual, and LGBTQI+ couples.

I specialize in working the following types of couples:

  • Creative couples looking to find balance
  • One partner is struggling with addiction and the other is not sure how to help*
  • One partner is highly anxious
  • Couples preparing for a baby
  • Premarital/pre-cohabitating couples
  • Couples looking to reconnect after a life transition (birth, death, move, career/role shift)
  • Couples considering separation or divorce

*Partners struggling with addiction will be expected to engage in individual treatment outside of couples therapy.

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Your heart is beating so fast, it feels like it'll jump out of your chest. Your stomach is so tied up in knots, you feel like you have to race to the bathroom. Your head is so cloudy, you feel like you might pass out. Life can be overwhelming to all of us sometimes, but anxiety seems to make no sense. It shows up in situations where you feel like you "should" feel totally fine, maybe even in times where you've felt totally fine in the past. You might be constantly worried, on edge, have trouble sleeping, feel like you "think too much", or feel so overwhelmed that you find it hard to do everyday tasks. 

Anxiety can be debilitating, but you have the power to overcome it. Together, we find what works for you, understanding where the anxiety comes from (it's usually a very valid place) and how to be brave in spite of it. There's nothing wrong with being afraid - no one is fearless - the key is to find the courage to move through it. 

It is my pleasure to work with individual adults struggling with:

  • Relationship anxiety - trust issues, fear of abandonment, possessiveness/wanting to control
  • Anxiety due to a recent transition or change (ie. new baby, new job, new relationship, marriage, divorce)
  • Social anxiety

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It’s ok to reach out for help when it feels like you just can’t move forward. 
I’m here when you’re ready to get unstuck.