The problem with being creative & intelligent

HOLY CRAP I MADE A VLOG. I was writing my blog for this month, again talking about vulnerability and connection and it just wasn't feeling really exciting for me. It didn't feel right, but I figured I was just in a mood or something and I would post it anyway.

Then yesterday, it hit me: How can I ask people to be really vulnerable when I'm not willing to do it myself? Whoa. I'd been considering doing video for awhile, but I had tons of excuses as to why I hadn't done it, yet. The truth is: I was afraid. And for a multitude of reasons (maybe you'll identify with some of them when it comes to your important work): fear of criticism, fear of being seen, fear of being more successful, oh and the ever-present "fraud police" - Who the hell do I think I am?" But yesterday I quieted those voices down a bit, put my phone in my office window, and hit record.

So, here's my vlog all about how, despite how amazing you are, I know it can get lonely being highly creative and intelligent. No matter what, we're human and humans need other people. Here's how you make meaningful connections (hint: you have to put yourself out there.)

This was a scary one for me, folks. Really putting MYSELF out there.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the loneliness of being creative and how you take risks to be fully you and make connections.

Also - do you want to see more vlogs? Now that I've taken the big leap, I'm perfectly happy to make more in the future. Let me know what you want to hear about!

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Remember, you're not dysfunctional, you're creative and you are awesome!