All of the announcements!


If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you've probably noticed I haven't posted much lately. That's because I've been busy with ALL THE THINGS.

I've been moving. That's right, I've got my own office now. I had such awesome experiences subletting from my colleagues at both my Woodberry and Towson offices, but I quickly learned I needed more time and my own space to really flourish. I'm not far away at all though - just a hop down the road in lovely Mt. Washington! With new space comes the potential for a new collection of art, photography, pottery, and knick-knacks. If you're an artist and want to donate something for me and my clients to enjoy, shoot me an email! I would LOVE to have your stuff in my space. For more info, including the address and new (aka MORE) office hours, click here.

THEJUS!  Photo by Human Being Productions

I've been collaborating. The Working Artist podcast and event is no more. But have no fear! It's become something even better: The Mental Artist podcast. I've now got an awesome co-host: local musician and fellow psych-nerd, Thejus Chakravarthy. Thejus is an andragogy specialist, who loves to talk adult relationships and behavior. Together, we'll discuss current events, mental health, love, art, music, friendship, and continue to interview local creatives about how they make things happen. Plus, you can ask us your most burning, personal questions via email and we'll answer them on an episode, keeping things as anonymous as we possibly can. We won't be doing this as a live event anymore, but this means we'll be able to release episodes much more frequently. I'll be releasing the last Working Artist episode this Friday, featuring Brooke Hall Allen and Justin Allen of What Weekly and What Works Studio.

I've been creating something special. Last, a bit of a pre-announcement: I will soon be launching an 8-week creativity coaching workshop called The Lightning Sessions! This workshop will be for people who have a specific creative project in mind, but are maybe feeling blocked, don't know where to begin, or want some extra support and accountability in a group setting. Keep your eyes peeled for an email in the next month or so with the details on how to sign up - including an early bird discount!

As always, if you have any questions, if you're ready to get going with some creativity coaching, or get emotionally unstuck with some counseling, send me an email! Have some suggestions for future groups or workshops, or maybe topics you'd like me to address on the podcast or blog? Leave them in the comments section and I will surely reply.

You're not dysfunctional, you're creative and you are awesome. 


- Lauren